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Quotes to Ponder

Posted by naterb on January 18, 2009

 Here are two quotes I picked up when reading some of the articles that were written about the game. Thought they were pretty interesting and that people should take a minute to contemplate them.

“It was a tough loss. We controlled the tempo, we controlled the game except that last three seconds. Like I’ve said before, you’ve got to play the whole 30 minutes.” – Chase Budinger

I hope this is a typo and not exactly what he said. If it is, don’t you think that it is quite revealing as to why the ‘Cats can’t win on the road and lose like they did to USC?

“It wasn’t like I tried to flop and get hit.The ref decided to make the call. It worked out great. … I thought it was a no-call. I’d hate to lose like that. But the referee (made the call) and good for us.” -Daniel Hackett

You know the officiating is bad when the winning team admits they received a beneficial call.



One Response to “Quotes to Ponder”

  1. naterb said

    For those of you that are concerned, I heard the audio version of Chase Budinger’s quote after reading it in the newspaper. He does say forty (40)minutes, not thirty (30).

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