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2009-2010 'Cats Preview

Posted by naterb on July 11, 2009

Okay, so the season doesn’t actually start for a little over four months from now and there is still the possibility that significant changes could still occur… but I doubt it.  Without further adieu, here is my first glimpse into the ‘Cats this season.


Wise, the only remaining component of The Big Three will have to shoulder a lot of the load this year.

Wise, the only remaining component of "The Big Three" will have to shoulder a lot of the load this year.

The Arizona fans who almost religiously follow the recruiting and changes of the program won’t be surprised by anything said here at this point. But even until shortly after Sean Miller arrived in Tucson, if someone had pulled a Nostradamus and claimed Arizona would be this deep with talented wings and forwards, they’d be looked at as if they had three heads.

With such versatile guards and forwards, Arizona will be able to give teams two different small lineups – including time where there are two scoring PG’s on the court – as well as some larger lineups with Horne, Hill, and Parrom all on the court simultaneously. I wouldn’t expect to see either of those lineups too frequently, but the point is that Jones, Fogg, Lavendar, Hill, Parrom, and Horne can each play two or three different positions depending on current team needs. We haven’t seen that in Arizona for some time.

HC – Sean Miller
PG – Nic Wise. Bench: Lamont Jones – Wise is the key to this team, but it’s nice to have a back-up and a guy to rest him this year.
SG – Kyle Fogg. Bench: Brendon Lavendar, Garland Judkins  – Even if Fogg doesn’t become a continual offensive threat, his defensive prowess will keep him in the starting lineup.
SF – Solomon Hill. Bench: Kevin Parrom – Hill is the more athletic, more well rounded of the two recruits and should provide us with a more aggressive counter wingman than what we had with Budinger. Not better, mind you, just more aggressive.
PF – Jamelle Horne. Bench: Derrick Williams, Darnell Shumpert – Horne is once again forced into the low block because of Arizona’s lack of depth in the frontcourt. But he’ll see his fair share of time out on the wings as well. But please, no bone-headed mistakes this year, huh?
C – Kyryl Natyazhko. Bench: Alex Jacobson – Natyazhko is no Jordan Hill, but I don’t think Jacobson will ever be anything but a role player – although he did show growth last year.


One Response to “2009-2010 'Cats Preview”

  1. I have seen Solomon Hill, Derrick Williams and played with DJ Shumpert, Lavender, Judkins, and Fogg within the last 2 weeks and these are a couple observations:

    1) Lavender is quicker than Judkins. Fogg D’s up better than the 3 of them.

    2) DJ Shumpert is not a 4!!! Hardly a 3 in the Pac 10. But thats not knocking on his game, cause he has a nice jumper and good outside shot. Needs to get more consistent, but down low it’s not going to be there in the Pac 10!

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