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PAC-10 Power Rankings: Week 1

Posted by naterb on November 7, 2009

p10 power rankings

  1. Washington Huskies – Reigning conference champs have lost a little, but have added a great recruiting class. They deserve this spot until Cal or someone else can wrestle it away from them.
  2. Cal Golden Bears – After returning almost their entire roster Cal looks primed for a charge to the top of the conference. They’ll need more production from their bench if they hope to stave off another late-season melt down.
  3. UCLA Bruins– Not many teams are capable of remaining in the top three in their conference after losing so many key players, but UCLA was deep a year ago and added a Top 10 recruiting class to the mix. It’ll be bumpy early, but they’ll earn their stripes.
  4. Oregon State Beavers – The Beavers only lost one key player and added a Top 25 recruiting class. Combining Craig Robinsons coaching prowess and the talented players, the Beavers will turn some heads this year.
  5. Oregon Ducks – Don’t buy into the Ducks being a basement team for two years in a row with the amount of talent they have. Dunigan will have matured, and the Ducks should rebound from a dismal season.
  6. Arizona Wildcats – The ‘Cats won’t likely finish here, but until their freshman and role players step up, they haven’t earned a better slot after losing Budinger and Hill in the off-season. Their Top-15 recruiting class and new coach Sean Miller will provide a huge boost. Look for the ‘Cats to make significant strides throughout the year.
  7. Arizona State Sun Devils – After the departure of Tarden and Pendergraph, the Sun Devils will return to their painful slow-down brand of ball circa 2007. With Glasser still at the helm, the Sun Devils will prove to be a steady, methodical team that can hang around. The lack of a go-to guy leaves the Sun Devils losing a lot of tough games.
  8. Washington State Cougars – Ken Bone will bring in a more up-tempo brand of basketball to Pullman, which can be a good thing. The only problem is that the Cougars lack the horses to make that cart run consistently. The Cougars have talent and will pull out a couple of surprising wins, but don’t look for it consistently.
  9. USC Trojans – After a scandall-ridden off-season, the Trojans lost 4 of 5 starters, their entire recruiting class, and turned to a Kevin O’Neill to replace their defensive guru. That’s going to be too much for the Trojans who field a team that won’t fit the style O’Neill likes to run.
  10. Stanford Cardinal – Johnny Dawkins could prove to be a solid coach if he can ever get a solid 7 or 8 man rotation. In order to do that he has to bring in a quality recruiting class – something he’ll get an opportunity for next year with even more departures on the horizon. It’s going to be a long year, but at least there’s next year.

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