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PAC-10 Power Rankings: Week 2

Posted by naterb on November 19, 2009

**This week’s Power Rankings are only for the games THROUGH Sunday, November 15.**

It is still really early in the season, but there are a few things of note already, but really not much change in the power rankings this week. Just two major ones moves.

  1. Washington: Very rarely do you see a team go 3-0 in one week, but it is the first week of the season.
  2. California – After a scare in their season-opener, Cal shook the rust off and walked away with an easy win. Don’t let a game-one scare dissuade you from believing in the Golden Bears.
  3. Oregon – It’s not that the Ducks were 3-0 after Sunday, but how they did it. 58 points in a half, and a 27-0 run. That’s just scary. The Ducks will be explosive and they’re deep.
  4. UCLA – They didn’t play, but Oregon’s proving they’re over their 2008 ailment of sucking.
  5. Arizona – It was a win over NAU, which is nothing special. So the ‘Cats would’ve stayed stagnant in the Power Rankings until Oregon State just laid a couple of eggs.
  6. Arizona State – I get it that it was against Western Illinois, but the Sun Devils look like they have brought in the right pieces and are getting contributions from enough people to compensate for the loss of Pendergraph & Harden. Still, have to wait and see if it keeps up when the competition stiffens.
  7. Washington State – Who would have thought that beneath that Bennett-ball facade that the Cougars were actually a running team. Other than Ken Bone, I don’t think anyone did.
  8. Oregon State – Two steps forward, one step back? The Beavers looked horrific in their 1-2 start, including a 24-point loss to Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Did we herald them too soon?
  9. USC – You can’t move up if you haven’t played, but Stanford didn’t do enough to surpass them in the standings either.
  10. Stanford – The Cardinal split their games this week, and lost the game they were expected to. No surprise there. But they did give a better showing against San Diego than I thought they would.

One Response to “PAC-10 Power Rankings: Week 2”

  1. Duckbill30 said

    I was shocked at how bad UCLA looked. They were playing Cal State Fullerton, and couldn’t get it done at home. Losing Collison at point looks huge for the Bruins. The Beavers had a great run last season, but their lack of athleticism will be exposed this season.

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