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PAC-10 Power Rankings: Week Four

Posted by naterb on December 1, 2009

Last week I gave UCLA the benefit of the doubt in keeping them in the top half of the conference, but it appears as though I shouldn’t have. The Bruins are in bad shape with or without Dragovic and have taken the biggest hit in these rankings of the year dropping four spots this week.

The thing about all of this though, is you can pretty much throw all of it out the window once conference play starts. But we’ll go along pretending I have a clue as to what’s going on.

  1. Washington – Still undefeated and truly unchallenged. Typically teams have to earn the top spot, but before they need to earn it someone has to prove they deserve it more than the Huskies. Clearly the cream of the crop thus far.
  2. Cal – They’ve won their last two – good for them – but still lack a quality hash-mark in the left column. I’m hesitant to bump them down in the standings – and perhaps they’re staying on credits from last season. December 22 will tell.
  3. WSU – They’re undefeated and average 84 points a contest. While only San Diego is a quality opponent, they absolutely manhandled the Torreros 93-56. It’s early, but the Cougars under Bone are looking to be a contender.
  4. Arizona – Arizona went 1-2 in the Mauii Invitational, but you can’t knock them too badly for it considering the level of competition and the close results. They have a lot of room to improve, especially if they want to solidify a top spot in the conference.
  5. ASU – Kudos to the Sun Devils for playing a legitimate team in non-conference play this year. Double that up with hanging relatively tight with the Blue Devils and I’m almost a believer.
  6. OU – The Ducks have only one bad loss this season – by 13 to Montana – and have otherwise been impressive. The Ducks won’t find themselves braised this year.
  7. Stanford – They forced a loaded Kentucky team into overtime, defeated Virginia, and continue to get better despite their lack of depth and inside presence. This may be the highest they get all year… but not if they keep playing like they did against Kentucky.
  8. UCLA – You can let slide a close loss to Bulter, but the Bruins 2-4 start to the season has been absolutely horrific. After losing three of four last week there is no way I can justify putting them in the top half of the league any longer. Howland has a lot of questions to answer and little time to do it. Especially if a shot at the NCAA Tournament is to be salvaged.
  9. OSU – A win over George Washington is nothing more than a bad team beating another bad team. The only chance we have to see how good they really are before conference play will be Colorado by comparison with Arizona. But it will be two steps forward (last season), one step back (this season) for the Beavers.
  10. USC – There’s no two ways about it, USC is bad and they could wind up being blanked in conference play. I don’t see them winning more than two conference games this season. They’ll serve as a nice practice squad for Texas later this week.

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