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Ducks fly past Grizzlies

Posted by duckbill30 on December 20, 2009

The third time was the charm for Oregon vs Oakland. In a must win to get the team ready for conference play the Ducks played their most complete game in two seasons, beating Oakland 72-60 in front of an appreciative crowd.

The Ducks came out early in this one, showing again how they are so different than last season’s team. Last year the Ducks played like a loss was inevitable, that it was just a matter of time. This season the Ducks play with a confidence, an attitude that says every game is up for grabs.

Malcolm Armstead is the point the Ducks have been looking for since Brooks left. He can pass and shoot, and play defense. Dunigan is still tentative at the basket, having too think more than react to situations, but time with Armstead will improve that. Jeremy Jacob is more polished around the rim at this time of the season. Singler plays like a cagey veteran, belying his freshman status. Williams, Longmire, Wiley, Crittle when he returns, this is a talented Ducks team.

When Porter returns to full time fitness the Ducks should make some waves in a conference that looks to be very even.


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Ducks drop one to St. Marys

Posted by duckbill30 on December 16, 2009

It was good for the Ducks to get back home after their dismal performance in Missouri. It didn’t start out well against St Marys, but after falling behind, the Ducks pulled it together and should have ended up with the win.

The Gaels are talented & experienced. The Ducks match up with them in the former, but the discrepancy in the latter, signaled the defeat. Even with the two most experienced players out with injuries, the Ducks got a lot of players in the game. Armstead, Longmire, Crittle & Williams in particular, had moments of very good play. But, the constant substituting worked against developing any cohesion. The Ducks have four more home games before conference play begins; hopefully that time will be spent on setting a rotation.

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Ducks at home

Posted by duckbill30 on December 11, 2009

After a very tough game on the road at Missouri, the Ducks are at home for a run of games beginning with St Marys tomorrow afternoon. Injuries are a lingering problem for the Ducks, Catron & Porter were both on the shelf against the Tigers and it’s hard to say which or either will be available against the Gaels.
It’s good for the Ducks to be able to get a lot of players a lot of action, especially with the full court defense the Ducks are playing this season. However one of the things the Ducks need to use this last batch of non-conference games for is to set up a rotation.

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Ducks make a splash

Posted by duckbill30 on November 16, 2009

Okay, the competition wasn’t exactly a gauntlet for the Ducks. But coming off of last season, the three wins in three days was a big step forward for the Ducks basketball team. They look completely different on the court. Last season they played tentative and scared, always looking over to the bench, expecting to be pulled out of the game. This season, they look confident.
The Ducks have a lot of depth. Eventually, a rotation needs to be set, and the players need to learn their roles and make the machine work. But the parts are all there.
The biggest upgrade is in the backcourt, where the addition of Malcolm Armstead as a true point guard allows Tajuan Porter to move back to the shooting guard role, where his talents can be utilized much more effectively. Joining Armstead & Porter in the backcourt are Teondre Williams and LaKendrick Longmire, and Garrett Sim. This is a deep and talented foursome that will be tough for other teams to deal with this season. In the frontcourt, Dunigan is joined by Josh Crittle, Joevan Catron, Jamir Wilson, EJ Singler, Jeremy Jacob.
The Ducks are employing a full court press all game to start out this season. It did not work everytime, but it is all hustle and helps meld the team chemistry even more.

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