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PAC-10 Picks: Week 5

Posted by naterb on January 28, 2009

NaterB’s Picks:

  1. Arizona – goin’ with a bit of a homer pick, but also because the ‘Cats really need this one.
  2. Arizona State – They’ll get what’s coming to them for that robbery of a call against Hill – but it won’t be against the Cougs.
  3. USC – Stanford has no match for Gibson and Washington gets shut down by DeRozan.
  4. UCLA – Gotta go with the home team here, but don’t be surprised if Cal wins this one.
  5. Arizona – If there is one thing Arizona can do, it’s compete with teams that want to slow it down.
  6. UCLA – This is a more interesting match-up than the UCLA/CAL game, but only because UCLA actually has an inside advantage against someone.
  7. Washington – This isn’t what is coming to ASU, but they’ll get eaten up here.
  8. OSU – Never would’ve saw myself picking the Beavers over the Ducks this year, but I can’t warrant making the other pick.
  9. CAL – USC’s great defense vs. CAL’s great offense – I’m gonna go with CAL on this one – USC is too inconsistent to pick twice in one week.

The others: Only seven participants have submitted their votes at this time.

Washington 5 @ Arizona 2

Washington State 0, Arizona State 7

Stanford 0, USC 7


Washington State 0, Arizona 7

Stanford 0, UCLA 7

Washington 5, Arizona 2

Oregon 4, Oregon State 3
CAL 6, USC 1


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PAC-10 Picks: Week 4

Posted by naterb on January 21, 2009

For Current Standings check out the Pick ‘Em Page. Otherwise, let’s just get down to it, shall we?

NaterB’s Picks:

  1. Arizona over Arizona State – You should’ve read my preview by now giving the breakdown of the teams. I think Arizona needs this one too badly, and Hill poses to big of an inside advantage to stop. Arizona pulls out the home win – but not by much.
  2. UCLA over Washington State- Without Cowgill and Weaver this matchup doesn’t possess the intrigue it did the last two years. UCLA skates to an easy win.
  3. Stanford over Oregon- Oregon is too inexperienced and too unorganized to get their first PAC-10 win at Maples.
  4. CAL over Oregon State- Cal is experienced enough and are very well coached so the slow-down style of Oregon State won’t bother them much.
  5. USC over Washington- Washington has had an easy go of the conference so far. Things are about to get a lot tougher.
  6. UCLA over Washington- Getting swept at home hurts, but I can’t help but seeing it this week. Their best chance for a “W” is on Thursday against USC.
  7. Washington State over USC- This is my “upset” pick for the week. I don’t think USC is capable of handling a team that slows the game down like OSU and WSU.
  8. CALĀ over OregonĀ – This could be a fun game to watch – although it won’t be close. Both teams like to shoot the 3-ball. Oregon just isn’t as good or organized. Is Kent’s time drawing to an end in Eugene?
  9. Stanford over Oregon State- I already picked one upset this week, I’m not daring enough to go for two. Stanford at home is a tough win and will be too much for OSU – but I think it could get interesting.

The Others: (Remember the numbers represent the number of participants that picked each school)

Arizona State @ Arizona
Arizona State 4, Arizona 7

UCLA @ Washington State
UCLA 11, Washington State 0

Oregon @ Stanford
Oregon 2, Stanford 9

Oregon State @ CAL
Oregon State 0, CAL 11

USC @ Washington
USC 4, Washington 7

UCLA @ Washington
UCLA 9, Washington 2

USC @ Washington State
USC 10, Washington State 1

Oregon @ CAL
Oregon 0, CAL 11

Oregon State @ Stanford
Oregon State 0, Stanford 11

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