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Special Preview: Mauii Invitational

Posted by naterb on November 21, 2009

If you’re so much of a basketball snob that the college hoops season doesn’t begin until the Mauii Invitational or NIT Season Tip-off, then you’ve missed out on a lot of quality games already.

But that’s no reason you can’t jump in and get excited about this week’s Mauii Invitational – the 26th Annual. I’m not going to bore you with the history of the tournament  – that wouldn’t be fun for you to read or even for me to write.  

The Tournament begins Monday and ends with the Championship game at 10 pm on Wednesday. The tournament continues to bring in quality teams as Arizona, Gonzaga, Maryland and Wisconsin highlight this year’s bracket – all of which have a legitimate shot at winning the tournament if the cards fall their way. Read the rest of this entry »


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UCLA loses despite win

Posted by naterb on November 21, 2009

Final 1 2 T
Cal State Bakersfield (1-2) 35 29 64
UCLA (1-1) « 35 40 75
Dragovic is just criminal. Photo from the L.A. Times

Just Criminal. photo from: L.A. Times

Despite winning 75-65 to Cal State Bakersfield, UCLA suffered a huge setback Friday when senior forward Nikola Dragovic was arrested for an “incident” last month, and consequently suspended Friday.

And since this isn’t the first time Dragovic has been in trouble, the suspension is sure to last longer than just a single game against Cal State-Bakersfield. The question is: how long will the Bruins only returning starter be out? According to Howland, that will be determined as more information becomes available. Read the rest of this entry »

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Quick Weekend (2) Preview

Posted by naterb on November 20, 2009

There have been some surprises the first week, but for the most part the games have gone as expected. This weekend isn’t going to be a highlight weekend for the PAC-10, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to keep track of.

Don’t want to be a whipping boy

First off, let me just say that I wouldn’t want to be Cal State-Bakersfield tonight when they face of against UCLA. After coming off an embarrassing season-opening loss, the Bruins will look to make a statement. What better way than against an Independent school that just can’t muster the talent to keep up with the Bruins. Should they perform a miracle and manage to literally steal one, the Bruins will be in for a LONG season. But don’t bet on it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Give it Time

Posted by naterb on November 20, 2009

On a far-too-regular basis I troll through the college basketball message boards on While I have found individual team pages to boast fans that are both insightful and knowledgeable, I have found that the main college basketball message board touts more incompetent homers that jump to conclusions and attempt to deal with absolutes based upon a game or two than I can deal with.

We are just eleven days into the basketball season, and already the proclamations about the PAC-10 being inferior have begun. Sure, the PAC-10 has gone just 18-7 so far. Cal, the projected second team in the conference, has suffered a blow out loss to Syracuse. UCLA was beaten at home, and Oregon State is far worse than expected. Read the rest of this entry »

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PAC-10 Power Rankings: Week 2

Posted by naterb on November 19, 2009

**This week’s Power Rankings are only for the games THROUGH Sunday, November 15.**

It is still really early in the season, but there are a few things of note already, but really not much change in the power rankings this week. Just two major ones moves. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ducks make a splash

Posted by duckbill30 on November 16, 2009

Okay, the competition wasn’t exactly a gauntlet for the Ducks. But coming off of last season, the three wins in three days was a big step forward for the Ducks basketball team. They look completely different on the court. Last season they played tentative and scared, always looking over to the bench, expecting to be pulled out of the game. This season, they look confident.
The Ducks have a lot of depth. Eventually, a rotation needs to be set, and the players need to learn their roles and make the machine work. But the parts are all there.
The biggest upgrade is in the backcourt, where the addition of Malcolm Armstead as a true point guard allows Tajuan Porter to move back to the shooting guard role, where his talents can be utilized much more effectively. Joining Armstead & Porter in the backcourt are Teondre Williams and LaKendrick Longmire, and Garrett Sim. This is a deep and talented foursome that will be tough for other teams to deal with this season. In the frontcourt, Dunigan is joined by Josh Crittle, Joevan Catron, Jamir Wilson, EJ Singler, Jeremy Jacob.
The Ducks are employing a full court press all game to start out this season. It did not work everytime, but it is all hustle and helps meld the team chemistry even more.

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Game Preview: Northern Arizona at Arizona

Posted by naterb on November 14, 2009

Miller will begin his time under the magnifying glass as Lute's successor Sunday against NAU.It’s Miller Time!

Despite a buffer of two interim coaches, Sean Miller will begin his tenure under the microscope as Lute’s successor.

During the off-season, he had a phenomenal recruiting class, which competes with some of Olson’s best classes, and guided the ‘Cats through a pair of exhibition games. But when it boils down to it, we all know the measurement coaches are judged by – winning games and making the NCAA Tournament.

Being that it is Miller’s first year in Tucson won’t exempt him from keeping the norm in Tucson. While fans are understanding and haven’t claimed that they demand the ‘Cats make the tournament this season, I don’t buy it. There is no question there will be severe grumblings if the consecutive NCAA Tournament appearance streak is snapped under his watch when interim coach Russ Pennell kept the streak alive despite having no head coaching experience. Read the rest of this entry »

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TNT Ducks

Posted by naterb on November 14, 2009

Oregon 94, Winsten-Salem 43

Final 1 2 T
Winston-Salem (0-1) 15 28 43
Oregon (1-0) « 56 38 94

It appeared that the Ducks were going to fall into the same pitfall they did a year ago as they got out of the gate slow. But any grumblings by Ducks fans should’ve been quieted as they went on a 53-8 run closing out the first half.

Amid that run, the Ducks went on a 27-0 run which should have left little doubt that the Ducks aren’t going to suffer from under-performance like they did last year. We may need the NHRA or NASCAR officials on the sidelines when Oregon and Washington State go toe-to-toe later this season.

By the way, only one Duck failed to score, Sophomore Nick Fearn. But he did manage 3 rebounds and an assist.

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Thomas Fascinates – Questions Abound

Posted by naterb on November 14, 2009

Washington 74, Wright State 69

Final 1 2 T
Wright State (0-1) 28 41 69
Washington #14 (1-0) « 40 34 74

You had to figure that Wright State, predicted to finish second only to Butler in the Horizon league, would push the Huskies a bit more than most season openers likely would, but despite winning 74-69, the Huskies need to be worried.

Isaiah Thomas was sensational dropping 30 points, including 14 from the charity stripe, but the Huskies who need big performances from their front court received a collective 7 points and five rebounds from their starting bigs. That’s bad news, especially if heralded freshman Abdul Gaddy and Venoy Overton can’t round out the back court alongside Thomas and Pondexter.

 Sure, the final was a lot closer than the game was since Washington did lead by 18 points. But to be fair, the Raiders were short their two best players David Gardner (8.7 ppg, 3.1 apg) and Vaughn Duggs (11.8 ppg).

 The Huskies will be good, but they can’t have any poor showings like that when the competition really heats up.

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Start Your Engines

Posted by naterb on November 14, 2009

Washington State 94, Mississippi Valley State 66 

Final 1 2 T
Mississippi Valley State (0-1) 26 40 66
Washington State (1-0) « 43 51 94

When you think of up-tempo basketball, Washington State is not the first team that comes to mind. Typically Washington State is associated with “Bennett-ball,” a Princeton style offense that grinds opponents down and wears them out by having to play 25-30 seconds of defense before the rim is even looked at.

With new coach Ken Bone, things are changing and fast. The Cougars ran away to a 94-66 route of MSVU led by Klay Thompson (20 points, 5 rebounds) and DeAngelo Casto (18 points, 4 rebounds). Sure it was against MSVU who were clearly over-matched, but scoring 94 is not an easy thing to do.

I’m already excited to see the WSU/OU match-ups this year. And yeah, WSU proved me wrong after I said they were the most likely team to be upset this weekend.

For more on this game check out RIP: Bennett Ball

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