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Alright, I admit it… I’m a stat junkie. I get excited looking at a box score. I like seeing a player putting up 18 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists more than seeing a guy go for 30 points. Why? Partly because I like seeing all the little boxes with something filled in – might be some form of OCD – but mostly because I value the complete game more than a scorer any day. But stats can only tell you so much. While they can give you an idea as to how a player or team performed, they aren’t definitive. The same can be said of Conference standings.
Every morning you can pick up your local newspaper or go online to any major sports website and look up the current standings in the PAC-10. When you did that you would see something like this:


But standings and records aren’t everything. Check back weekly for my PAC-10 Power Rankings.

Week 1
Week 2

The People’s Poll: National Top 25

Think the AP or Coaches Polls are wrong? Check out “The People’s Poll.” A group of 40 respected posters on the CBSsports message board make their selections each week – The People’s Poll is the final result. Jawhk updates it every Tuesday, so check it out. The People’s Poll


Want to know where your team is going to wind up for the NCAA Tournament? Are they a #1 seed or a #8? Check out Bracketville for regularly updated bracket projections.




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