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PAC-10 Power Rankings: Week Five

Posted by naterb on December 7, 2009

Most seasons if you lose a close game, you’re going to drop a spot or two in the conference power rankings. Most seasons if you get blown out on the road you’re going to drop in the power rankings as well. But this isn’t most seasons.

The PAC-10 is down a significant amount, there’s no question about it. It is down so much that losing on your home court to a team that finished ninth in the Big-12 actually solidifies a higher spot in the power rankings.  It’s still early, but things are certainly starting to take form in the conference. Read the rest of this entry »


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PAC-10 Power Rankings: Week Four

Posted by naterb on December 1, 2009

Last week I gave UCLA the benefit of the doubt in keeping them in the top half of the conference, but it appears as though I shouldn’t have. The Bruins are in bad shape with or without Dragovic and have taken the biggest hit in these rankings of the year dropping four spots this week.

The thing about all of this though, is you can pretty much throw all of it out the window once conference play starts. But we’ll go along pretending I have a clue as to what’s going on. Read the rest of this entry »

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Give it Time

Posted by naterb on November 20, 2009

On a far-too-regular basis I troll through the college basketball message boards on While I have found individual team pages to boast fans that are both insightful and knowledgeable, I have found that the main college basketball message board touts more incompetent homers that jump to conclusions and attempt to deal with absolutes based upon a game or two than I can deal with.

We are just eleven days into the basketball season, and already the proclamations about the PAC-10 being inferior have begun. Sure, the PAC-10 has gone just 18-7 so far. Cal, the projected second team in the conference, has suffered a blow out loss to Syracuse. UCLA was beaten at home, and Oregon State is far worse than expected. Read the rest of this entry »

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PAC-10 Power Rankings: Week 2

Posted by naterb on November 19, 2009

**This week’s Power Rankings are only for the games THROUGH Sunday, November 15.**

It is still really early in the season, but there are a few things of note already, but really not much change in the power rankings this week. Just two major ones moves. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cal Opens Season with Uncomfortable Win

Posted by naterb on November 10, 2009

The game wasn’t as close as the score reflects, but in no way should CAL have won just 75-70.

I’m not going to break down the game, but just taking a quick peek at the box score it has to be a concern if only 7 guys received significant minutes in a season opener against an over-matched opponent.

Doesn’t mean much but… D.J. Seeley isn’t living up to the expectations he received exiting high school as he played just 4 minutes and went 0-4.

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PAC-10 Power Rankings: Week 4

Posted by naterb on January 25, 2009


  1. Washington – Don’t expect the Huskies to stay in the top spot for too long, but after an impressive sweep of the SoCal schools they certainly deserve it. They have some very impressive wins in the first half of conference play.
  2. UCLA – You can’t fault the Bruins too much for a road loss in Seattle – especially considering they’ve had a problem playing there for some time now. They’ll be back on top before too long.
  3. Arizona State – I was going to drop them for their poor shooting and fortunate win against Arizona last week, that is until Cal lost at home to Oregon State. Don’t expect them to stay in this spot much longer. Read the rest of this entry »

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PAC-10 Power Rankings: Week 3

Posted by naterb on January 19, 2009


  1. UCLA (E)
    They made Arizona’s make-shift 1-1-3 zone look awful. They had an offensive explosion with five players reaching double-digit scoring. But losing at home against ASU in a game you controlled in the second half shows they aren’t as far ahead of the rest of the conference as they would hope.
    Last Week: W vs. Arizona 83-60, L vs. ASU 61-58
  2. CAL (E)
    With their first loss in conference play coming against a rival in a close game, you can’t fault CAL too much – especially when you went on the road for a game filled with more drama than any other rival game will contain this year. The game against UCLA is getting bigger and bigger each week.
    L at Stanford 75-69
  3. ASU (E)
    A win at Pauley is impressive. But as great as that was, the loss against USC was bad enough to keep them from moving past CAL. Losing by 12 to a defensive minded team exploited their lack of players outside of Pendergraph and Harden. Shut Harden down and they falter.
    L at USC 61-49, W at UCLA 61-58 Read the rest of this entry »

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Blogs Around the PAC-10

Posted by naterb on January 13, 2009

One of my brother’s favorite sayings is “Opinions are like a**holes – everyone’s got one and they all stink.” Normally, I agree with him 100%, but my experience today has me questioning the accuracy of that statement. The problem is that I’m finding plenty of a**holes, but very few opinions. I’ve spent the day trying to find PAC-10 blogs that have some bite to them. Some sort of opinion about the teams. I like what I’ve seen on Rush The Court – although they just do brief check-ins on the conference as a whole. What I’m really looking for is an opinionated blog about each individual team.

Now, I want somebody with an opinion. If I wanted an AP recap, or to hear what the newspaper or a major sports website had to say, I’d go there. I don’t’ need to have you (BS Sports) copying it and referencing it on a blog. I want to hear what an educated fan has to say about the team. Here’s the best of what I could find so far. If there is anyone that knows of a good blog for any given PAC-10 team, shoot me a message and I’ll check it out.

Keep in mind, I have only taken cursory glances at these blogs this week since I’ve been spending most of my time trying to sift through the junk blogs that are watered down versions of,,, etc.

Hopefully, from here on out I will be able to highlight some of the best opinions and interesting topics from around the league. As I get better blogs, or fill in the blanks (Washington, Stanford) this should become a more interesting topic. For now, here’s the best of what I’ve found.

PAC-10: Rush The Court – Like I said before, these guys focus on NCAA Basketball as a whole, but do weekly check-ins on each conference. They provide a nice Ranking with some evidence and some opinion. When you want a quick overview on the conference as a whole, this is a good place to start.

Arizona State Sun Devils: Check out and I would give the edge to Wired Devilsif you are looking for college news as PFN seems to focus on more player follow-up and football than anything to do with college basketball.

CAL Golden Bears: I like what Bear Talk does. You get a good dose of news, but they throw in some good opinion as well. Probably one of the better blogs that I’ve found for any conference team.

I also like what I’m seeing over at California Golden as well, but there seems to be less opinion and more reporting there.

And if that’s not enough CAL for you, here’s there’s some good analysis – at least for their game against Washington – at


Oregon Ducks: A good site is  they’ve got some Power Rankings, some reporting, and some opinion on there. All the elements that I believe a good blog ought to have.

I thought that I might have found something when I came across, but it seems as though they are more content with finding AP releases or other news reports than reporting how they see it. But it may be worth a look anyhow.


Oregon State Beavers: Building the Dam is surprisingly one of the better PAC-10 basketball blogs. I guess your team doesn’t need to be very successful for you to have a good blog? There are a few mistakes, like calling Budinger an inside player, but the guy is headed in the right direction.

Stanford Cardinal: I couldn’t find a single blog about the Cardinal that wasn’t just compiling news stories. How sad. I guess they teach too much intellectualism over at Stanford so people forget how to have an opinion. But lack of creativity from the Cardinal should be no surprise, afterall they do have that stupid tree as a mascot.

UCLA Bruins: I was amazed at how hard it was to find a good UCLA basketball blog. I found a plethora of article gatherers, but spent a terrible amount of time looking for an opinion. Does the LA smog kill brain cells or something? Eeesh. Eventually I found Bruins Nation and was relieved that there was someone that wasn’t content with just referencing other people’s work.




 Washington State Cougars: The Coug Center is great. These guys do it right. You’ve got some current news, some opinion, analysis, and some articles referencing previous players.

Washington Huskies: I’ve found plenty of blogs. But they were all either promoting AP sources, or belonged to a paid journalist from one of Washington’s newspapers. I don’t want a paid columnist, I want a fans opinion.

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PAC-10 Power Rankings – Week 2

Posted by naterb on January 12, 2009


1. UCLA (E)
UCLA has shown great guard play and have maintained the top position despite the drop-off in talent from the previous few years. They’re aren’t a lock for the conference title by any stretch, even if the conference is weaker this year.
Last Week: W. @ USC 64-60

2. California (E)
Randle and Christopher have been sensational. They even got some help from Robertson this week too. Winning a close game on the road is a solid way to boost your confidence. Watch out UCLA, CAL just might have the best backcourt in the conference.
Last Week: W @ WSU 57-50, W @ UW 88-85 (OT)

3. Arizona State (E)
ASU remains solid at home, and put on a defensive clinic against Oregon State. We’ll see how good they really are when they travel to Pauley on Thursday.
Last Week: W vs. OSU 69-38, W v. OU 76-58

4. Washington (E)
Washington got a monster week from Jon Brockman and Isaiah Thomas this week. Can’t fault them for a 3-point OT loss to the hottest team in the conference right now.
Last Week: W. vs. STAN 84-83, L vs. CAL 88-85 (OT)

5. Arizona (+2)
The Big Three are starting to show the minutes they’ve played and it’s resulting in a slump passing from player to player. Zane Johnson has stepped up and could earn himself a starting role in the next few weeks.
Last Week: W vs. OU 67-52, W vs. OSU 64-47

6. USC (E)
The Trojans are lacking a lot of chemistry and are paying the price in close games. A close loss to UCLA isn’t a big deal, but they lack too much chemistry to be considered a serious contender at this point.
Last Week: L vs. UCLA 64-60

7. Washington State (+2)
Rochestie stepped up big for the Cougars this week, and were fortunate not to be 0-3 to start conference play before finally hitting the road next week.
Last Week: L vs. Cal 50-57, W vs. Stan 55-54

8. Stanford (-3)
A pair of 1 point losses is tough. Their guards can’t carry them much longer.
Last Week: L @ UW 83-84, L  @ WSU 55-54

9. Oregon State (-1)
They got man-handled by ASU & UofA this week, but they are organized and playing hard. That Princeton offense keeps them closer than they probably should be.
Last Week: L @ ASU 69-38, L @ UA 64-47

10. Oregon (E)
If inexperience is bad, then these guys are awful. Catron and Porter were nowhere this past week. Is the team giving up on Ernie Kent?
Last Week: L @ UA 67-52, L @ ASU 76-58

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PAC-10 Power Rankings

Posted by naterb on January 6, 2009


Every morning you can pick up your local newspaper or go online to any major sports website and look up the current standings in the PAC-10. If you were to do that any time before this Thursday here’s what you would see:

1. UCLA 2-0

2. CAL 2-0

3. Washington 1-0

4. Stanford 1-1

5. ASU 1-1

6. USC 1-1

7. OSU 1-1

8. WSU 0-1

9. Arizona 0-2

10. Oregon 0-2


Darren Collison
Darren Collison

But standings at this point in the conference season don’t mean anything. Do you honestly believe that Oregon State is better than Arizona, Oregon or Washington? As conference play wears on the standings will be perpetually more revealing as to how each of the teams stack up. Now, I know this is impossible, but it would be nice if the media had some way of reporting how the teams are really stacked up, and not just by their record. So I’ve decided to pick up there and every week I’ll break down the PAC-10 and rank them against one another. Enjoy!


  1. UCLA – It’s no surprise that they stand on top of the conference after the opening weekend. Shipp and Collison were impressive this weekend on the road.
  2. CAL – Their sweep of the Arizona schools is more impressive than UCLA’s conference wins, but it’s too early to use that as a bearing point right now. Jerome Randle and Patrick Christopher are a great one-two punch and have Cal vying for the top position in the PAC-10.
  3. ASU – A 30 point win over Stanford at Maples? Even if Stanford is down this year, that’s still impressive. CAL exploited their weaknesses and showed that ASU needs another offensive weapon.
  4. Washington – Defeating your in-state rivals on their floor is always a great way to start conference play. The Huskies have seen continued production from Jon Brockman, Isaiah Thomas, and Justin Dentmon. If they want to stay ranked this high, they’ll need Quincy Pondexter to step up.
  5. Stanford – That 30 point loss at home was embarrassing, but they bounced back and controlled their match-up with Arizona, even on an off night. Their lack of interior presence will become problematic over the course of conference play. They over-came it this weekend, so until their style falters this is where they belong.
  6. USC – Winning on the road in the PAC-10 isn’t easy, period. But to be the team that snaps Oregon State’s 17-game losing streak is downright embarrassing. The Trojans have more problems than a tough road loss to a bad Oregon State team. They have an athletic and talented roster, but they aren’t playing as a team. They’ll continue to struggle until the players view the team as more than a yield sign into the NBA.
  7. Arizona – Going 0-2 to start conference play is never good. But for a young team whose leader is struggling you can’t fault them too much. Things should be okay in Arizona once Budinger finds his way out of this wicked slump. Until then, all talk of contending for a tournament bid should be silenced.
  8. Oregon State – It must feel great to get that monkey off their back, especially against a team that was picked to finish in the top four of the conference. Has the new coach breathed life into these kids, or was this simply a flash in the pan?
  9. Washington State – Their off-season losses are grossly apparent. It wasn’t the fact that they lost their rivalry game at home that has them ranked so low. It’s the fact that an average Washington team flat out toyed with them. Rochestie, Thompson, and Baynes need to step up in a big way or this is going to be a long season.
  10. Oregon – What’s worse than starting conference play 0-2? Doing that on your home court. The Ducks should be fine as long as Ernie Kent can get the freshmen up to speed. It will be another up and down season for the Ducks though.


Alright, I admit it… I’m a stat junkie. I get excited looking at a box score. I like seeing a player putting up 18 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists more than seeing a guy go for 30 points. Why? Partly because I like seeing all the little boxes with something filled in – might be some form of OCD – but mostly because I value the complete game more than a scorer any day. But stats can only tell you so much. While they can give you an idea as to how a player or team performed, they aren’t definitive. The same can be said of Conference standings.

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