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PAC-10 Players of the Week

Posted by naterb on January 27, 2009

Calvin Haynes in an earlier game against USC.
Calvin Haynes in an earlier game against USC.

PAC-10 Player of the Week – Calvin Haynes

Haynes led the onslaught against CAL and Stanford this weekend for the Beavers. Tallying 46 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists he was absolutely spectacular in propelling the Beavers to the unlikely road sweep in the Bay Area.

Runner Up – Roeland Schaftenaar

Go figure, another Beaver, right? That’s exactly what it takes for the Beavers to complete the impressive sweep: two players having the best weeks of their careers in the same week. And considering that sweeping CAL & Stanford on the road is harder than sweeping anybody at home, I had to give both of these kids props before any UW player got recognized.

Arizona Player of the Week – Jordan Hill

Hill was an absolute beast in the second half of the Arizona/Arizona State game, but was called for a bogus foul. Had that foul not been called who knows what would’ve happened. But 16 points, 19 boards against Pendergraph is nice. Perhaps even more impressive was the Houston game against two solid frontcourt players. Nice job this week Hill

Runner Up – Chase Budinger

My goal is to give this spot to someone that normally doesn’t get a tremendous deal of appreciation or isn’t one of the big three. But frankly, Budinger’s effect on both games was so great that to not put him as POW or at least runner-up would’ve been an injustice – after all, the dude did get his head stopped on.


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PAC-10 Player of the Week: Week 3

Posted by naterb on January 19, 2009

PAC-10 Player of the Week: DeMar DeRozan (USC)

WhileDeRozan’s total stats aren’t that impressive (32 points, 12 rebounds), DeRozan was largely responsible for holding James Harden to 0-8 and 4 points in a fantastic defensive effort. To me, that’s more impressive than Rochestie’s 44 points, 6 rebounds, and 14 assists against the Oregon schools. Partly because Rochestie did put those numbers up against the Oregon schools, and partly because to hold Harden to 0 field goals is unbelievably incredible.

Runner-Up: Kevin Brill (REF)

Brill almost single-handedly won the game for the Trojans on Saturday. He came up with the big play in a crucial moment that gave the Trojans the confidence and momentum they needed during the final 3:50 to pull out a 1-point home win.

Arizona Player of the Week: Chase Budinger

Budinger is officially out of his slump. After rough outing after rough outing, Budinger finally steps up big. He was the focal point for UCLA and USC defensively and still put up solid numbers against these kids. He gave us fans a glimpse as to why he was so highly touted coming in and why he’s projected as a first-round pick in this year’s NBA Draft.

Runner Up: Jordan Hill

Hill had a monster game against UCLA, and save but first half foul trouble he had a good game against USC as well.





Do you think Kevin Brill would’ve gotten this one right?

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Players of the Week

Posted by naterb on January 13, 2009



AP Photo/Joe Nicholson

AP Photo/Joe Nicholson

PAC-10 Player of the Week: Jon Brockman
Brockman had two solid games this week, and tied his career-high rebounds (18 ) in consecutive games. Brockman also provided the game-winning put back for Washington in their Thursday win over Stanford.

Runner Up: Patrick Christopher
Patrick Christopher was a stud once again this week. Tallying a career-high 27 points against Washington including the game winner in triple overtime.

UA POW: Chase Budinger
Budinger finally snapped his shooting slump, and made great strides this week to break out of it entirely. Budinger’s 20 points led the way against Oregon on Thursday, and produced a solid effort against Oregon State.

Runner Up: Zane Johnson
Zane Johnson was a stud off the bench for the ‘Cats this week. In 20 minutes a game he averaged 9 points, 4 rebounds, and 2.5 assists and provided the added bench depth the ‘Cats desperately need. But his impact on the game was much bigger than the rebounds or points he tallied. Johnson’s efforts came at a point when the ‘Cats were starting to get stagnant, and as a result of his tough play and aggressiveness he sparked the team from the bench.

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